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sipnopsis boboiboy the movie

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Hi, I want to post Sipnopsis, if you want to read, read next okay!
BoBoiBoy: The Movie (originally BoBoiBoy: Sfera Kuasa[3]) is a Malaysian superhero animation movie that is released on 3 March 2016 in Malaysian cinemas and 13 April 2016 in Indonesian cinemas.
It is the day when BoBoiBoy is going camping with his friends. Ochobot, his robot friend who is also the ninth generation of Power Sphere, woke him up as it is already late. Yaya and Ying call BoBoiBoy to remind him about the camp once more. Gopal also reminded him through the bathroom window. As BoBoiBoy and Ochobot are on their way to the camp, BoBoiBoy spots a chase between the police and a group of robbers, which reveals to be a part of a robbery. Instead of going to the camp, he decides to catch the robbers and leaves Ochobot alone.
BoBoiBoy eventually manages to help the police find the Serial Laundry Robbers. He goes to Tok Aba's Kokotiam forgetting his camping trip with his friends. When Tok Aba reminded him of the camp, he just remembered about the camp and immediately go to the bus stop where his friends wait. Meanwhile, Bora Ra, the leader of Tengkotak group, overhears Yoyo Oo giving the explanation that Klamkabot, the first generation of Power Sphere which they tried to catch earlier, teleported to Earth but fails to get the exact location of it. Bora Ra becomes angry and threatens to either search for it or get out from his spaceship. Yoyo Oo nervously searches for it, but he finds another Power Sphere with a lower frequency than Klamkabot. Yoyo Oo lies to his leader that he had found Klamkabot's location.
At the bus stop, BoBoiBoy arrives in front of his friends, who were angry especially Ochobot. He apologises but his friends refuses to accept it, much to BoBoiBoy's dismay. He meets Papa Zola, who motivates him to persuade his friends. BoBoiBoy later agrees to follow Papa Zola fish squids the next day. The next day, Boboiboy tells his friends about the squid fishing, but they think it is a bad idea. Suddenly, the Tengkotak gang make their entrance and demand BoBoiBoy to give the Power Sphere. Bora Ra takes Ochobot, and it made BoBoiBoy fight Bora Ra and Gaga Naz. Gaga Naz managed to defeat BoBoiBoy but failed to defeat Yaya, Ying, and Gopal. Bora Ra used his black hole power to destroy the Rintis Island Park. Ochobot gets taken by the Tengkotak gang. Adu Du and Probe managed to enter the Tengokotak spaceship. Back at the town, Fang comes late to Tok Aba's Kokotiam.
Papa Zola takes a selfie alone at the jetty. He gets startled by the arrival of BoBoiBoy and his friends. They ask for help to find Ochobot. They find a clue about the floating island's location, which is near the lighthouse. They take a boat ride towards the lighthouse's location. Meanwhile, in the Tengkotak spaceship, Adu Du finds Kiki Ta and falls in love with her. Probe asks Bora Ra whether they are afraid of BoBoiBoy coming back to help Ochobot. Bora Ra felt strange when he heard that BoBoiBoy and Ochobot were friends. Probe answered with saying that he and Adu Du were friends. The other Tengkotak members erupt with laughter, much to Adu Du's fury. Adu Du and Bora Ra end up in a heated squabble. However, they are interrupted by information that BoBoiBoy was coming near. Bora Ra gives Adu Du the Kurita, a small squid that enlarges when exposed to water. Adu Du and Probe with the Kurita later get ejected into the sea.
Meanwhile, Papa Zola realises that Adu Du is coming closer. BoBoiBoy orders Ying to speed up the boat using her power. They eventually encounter Adu Du and Probe and questions him of Ochobot's whereabouts. Kurita, exposed to the sea water, grows to gigantic size and attack the boat and Adu Du. They try to beat Kurita but failed. The boat speeds up to run away from Kurita, with Adu Du and Probe hooked on it. They eventually land on the big island. Fang thinks he had beaten the giant squid, but suddenly the squid attacks them again. Yaya lifts the boat, finding no squid hidden beneath them. Kurita swims towards them. Papa Zola throws Gopal towards the squid so he can change it to food, in which Gopal does so.
They continue their journey by walking in the forest of the island, with Papa Zola eating the fried squid. They camp in the jungle for the night. Meanwhile, Yoyo Oo monitors Ochobot's movements. Klamkabot - the Power Sphere who has been the target of the aliens - emerges from nowhere and attacks Ochobot, losing the latter's transmission. Consequently, Bora Ra commands Yoyo Oo to release a creature dubbed 'J-Rex'. Back at the camp, BoBoiBoy wakes up to Ochobot's cry. He and his friends decide to continue on their journey without Papa Zola, Adu Du, and Probe.
After jumping to and entering a cave, Ying finally finds Ochobot, who is seen being 'controlled' by Klamkabot. BoBoiBoy hastily attacks Klamkabot, suspecting him as one of the Tengkotak gang members until Ochobot stops him. They end up listening to Klamkabot's story about himself and the alien race of Ata Ta Tiga. While they attentively do so, Bora Ra finds them and attacks them. The kids run away with Klamkabot's help. Meanwhile, at the camp, Papa Zola realises that he is left alone. He spots Adu Du and Probe from afar. Papa Zola chases Adu Du and questions him. Adu Du lies to him, claiming that the Tengkotak gang has kidnapped BoBoiBoy and his friends. Back at the cave, Klamkabot brings BoBoiBoy and his friends to the Power Sphere Lab, where the Spheres are created. But, Bora Ra and Gaga Naz follows them too and attack them again. After they fight Bora Ra and Gaga Naz, Klamkabot throws them onto the moving platform. Gaga Naz attacks them, destroying the platform. He presumes the kids to be dead and his work done. After Bora Ra had captured Klamkabot, they return to their spaceship. Unbeknown to them, BoBoiBoy and his friends were hidden below the platform rubble.
Adu Du and Probe fool Papa Zola to feel the ground for the kids' fresh footsteps. Papa Zola becomes furious from this trick and demands them where BoBoiBoy's gang are heading. They all get a surprise attack from J-Rex, revealed as a giant shark with legs, and flee to safety from the creature. On the way, they find a hill to descend and slide on it. At the end of the hill, Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe held on the edge to avoiding them from falling. J-Rex too slides down the hill but is on the verge to fall, but Papa Zola gives his hand to it. J-Rex, in debt to the rescue, decides to join Papa Zola's side. It also threatens Adu Du and Probe with the fall if they do not want to join him too. They go to the Tengkotak's spaceship and try to intrude it. With the help of J-Rex, they managed to impose it but end up captured by Gaga Naz and Kiki Ta.
BoBoiBoy's team arrive in front of the door of Power Sphere Lab, presuming it to be the dead end. After some investigation, however, the door opens on its own. They go into the lab and are greeted by the lab's computer. The computer lab orders Ochobot to upgrade. Meanwhile, Klamkabot is tortured by the Tengkotak Gang nearby. After being upgraded, Ochobot has a new appearance. Suddenly, the computer tells them that the teleportation power is ready to be used. Bora Ra and Yoyo Oo are surprised at the knowledge that Klamkabot's absence of the teleportation power. Ochobot tells them his real mission: to run away with the power by teleporting to a place far away from the Tengkotak Gang, ensuring the power to be safe. BoBoiBoy becomes sad and asks if there is another way. The computer commands Ochobot to teleport. However, Boboiboy stops them. After a while, Yoyo Oo contacts BoBoiBoy. Bora Ra is angry and demands to give Ochobot and with Papa Zola, Adu Du, and Probe as his hostages. Boboiboy reluctantly gives Ochobot to the Tengkotak Gang. BoBoiBoy teleports to the Tengkotak Gang and gives Ochobot to them.
But Bora Ra doesn't take well on that and soon destroys Ochobot, gaining the teleportation power, but beore he dies Ochobot gives BoBoiBoy and his friends new powers. This enables BoBoiBoy to upgrade 2 of his abilities, Fire and Water, into Blaze and Ice and is able to defeat Bora Ra with the help of his friends. Meanwhile, Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe are captured by Yoyo Oo and Kiki Ta, but before Kiki Ta can shoot them, J-Rex escapes and intimidates Kiki Ta, but Adu Du breaks free and defends her, finally winning Kiki Ta's love, but when Adu Du asks for her help after his hand gets bit by J-Rex, Kiki Ta loses that affection. Meanwhile, Bora Ra attempts to use the teleportation power, only to discover Adu Du tricked Yoyo Oo into giving him the fake teleportation coordinates. Ultimately, BoBoiBoy is able to trap Bora Ra into his own black hole, and as he and his friends mourn Ochobot, Klamkabot uses his remaining strength to give Ochobot the teleportation power, reviving Ochobot.
BoBoiBoy, Papa Zola and the others take a selfie together, but are startled by J-Rex. Papa Zola introduces it to BoboiBoy and his friends. Then, Cici Ko reveals himself to be the one foiling the Tengkotak Gang's plans, having them hostage. He bids farewell to BoBoiBoy and his friends and leaves.

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